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Quiero mi TV and Canal TV Martos

 qmitvIf you are the owner of a TV analogical channel/TDT and you also wish to broadcast through Internet, contact us and we will broadcast your personalized channel on the available channels from Quiero mi TV, just like another one of them.  

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canal digital martos

The town of Martos, Jaén, already has a television channel that broadcasts 24 hours a day and is open to all the viewers in Internet. Visit TV Martos: www.digitalmartos.es.

Document Manager

document managerInformation technology application that manages all of your company's electronic documents, as if a Digital Filing Cabinet. With this system, you will have access to all the information anywhere you are, 24 hours a day.

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Websites for SMEs
websites for smesWe design websites for SME through a simple process of personalization and choosing from different templates. In a few days you can have your own website, and besides you will be able to update the contents yourself with a Web Contents Manager.  
Digital Showcase

digital showcaseDigital Showcase is a private TV channel for your business that uses the new Internet technologies  and that allows you to have multiple screens in your premises or in your geographically dispersed chain of premises . All the information from the channel is controlled from a single PC, and you can manage your own contents, offers, campaigns, etc.

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Digital Teleinformation System
digital teleinformation system
The Digital Teleinformation System is an audiovisual system consisting of a net of digital boards, all of them interconnected through Internet, making up a DIGITAL TELEVISION INFORMATION/COMMERCIAL CHANNEL.

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